Forward Head Posture FIX Review

Forward Head Posture FIX Review

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Do you work extremely hard to get good results from your workout, eat well, follow your instructors advice and train really hard but still the end result are not impressive? If yes then you are not alone. At least 90% of the American population is suffering from a problem is known as forward head posture fix or texting neck.

It is a common problem that can affect anyone regardless of their fitness level, gender or age. Although this problem originates from the neck, it actually affects the entire body including your physical and mental state. The main function of the neck is to support the overweight of the skull. The neck is supposed to remain vertical when supporting the skull.

When you look at yourself in the mirror, your hips, shoulder and ear should be in a straight line. If you notice that they are not in a straight line, then that is a clear sign that you are suffering from forward head posture. This condition can lower your productivity and increasing your chances of suffering from other deadly diseases.

That is reason why Forward Head Posture FIX was created. So what exactly is Forward Head Posture FIX, how will it help you and what are its benefits? Below is an in-depth review of this program.

What is Forward Head Posture FIX?

Forward Head Posture FIX is a comprehensive program that was created to help you get rid of forward neck posture. If you follow the techniques that the author has given in this program, then you be sure that this condition will be a thing of the past.

According to this program, the information that is widely circulated on the media on how to fix forward head posture are usually flawed because they are usually based on static stretching that only provide temporary relief.

Online expert are also wrong because they only focus on movement and stretches but they don’t really tell the order at which these stretches and movements should be conducted.

This program will show you how forward head posture can affect your health and prevent you from achieving your objectives. The author has also
given concrete solutions to help you solve this problem once and for all.

The solutions that the author has given will help you strengthen front muscles of your neck to make your head to perfectly sit on the neck suit. This will also enable your spine to fall in the right place. This will not only help to improve your posture but it will also enable your lungs to take more air and your torso will be lengthened. This will greatly improve your overall body health. This program will offer long term solution is fixing your forward head position and restoring your body balance.

It is indeed the best program to follow if you want to improve your posture for better energy, greater strength as well as help improve your health and vitality within a short period of time.

How Forward Head Posture FIX System works

Forward Head Posture FIX uses 10 movements that are really simple and will instantly improve your posture while at the same time reduce strain on your neck.

The movement that the author has recommended in this program will boost your energy, strength and vitality. Specific muscles that will be targeted are known as sternocleidomastoid and they originate the collar bone and the breastplate. These muscles are responsible for aligning the head with the shoulder.

Movement of these muscles usually rely on a concept known as sequential flow that consist of the following; Muscles reeducation drills. Breathing exercise, mobility exercise, deep cervical flexor training, self-massage, static stretching and postural strengthening. Sequential flow method is very effective workout for muscles and can be performed in 15 minutes.

About the author

Forward Head Posture FIX has been created by rick Kaselj a highly sought after kinesiologist and Mike Westerdal, an author, a sport nutrition expert, a fitness expert and the founder of critical This two specialist came together to create this program with the aim of helping people who are suffering from this dangerous condition. Since its launch, this program has helped many who were suffering from this condition live a happy and fulfilling life.

Pros of Forward Head Posture FIX

  1. It is easy to integrate this program in your lifestyle

This program will not interfere will your normal daily program because their exercise are very easy to perform and it will only take 15 minutes of your time. You can easily integrate it with your lifestyle without worrying that it will prevent you from performing certain duties.

  1. It can be used by anyone

This program is suitable for any person regardless of your age or gender. The techniques that the author has given can work for any person regardless of their body type, age, weight or sex. the results that you will get on from using this program does not depend on your fitness but on how well you will follow the techniques that have been suggested in this program.

  1. Easy to learn and follow

You will enjoy every moment of this program because the author has used very simple language to explain a complex concept. There are no complex terms, everything is simple and clear.

  1. It helps to improve your overall body health

The techniques that the program uses will not only help to fix your head posture but will improve your overall body health including building your confidence, boost your testosterone levels, improve your brain function as well as improve your breathing. The end result is living a happy and healthy life.

Forward Head Posture FIX – Conclusion

If you want to your neck to be in its natural position, then this is the right program for you. This Forward Head Posture FIX program will get to the root cause of the problem and give you a long lasting solution. The techniques that the authors have given are every effective and give great results within a short period time. You will not incur any loss when you try this Forward Head Posture FIX program because it comes with 60 days money back guarantee.

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